Budgeting in Uncertain Times – Geof Nightingale to talk in Birmingham

August 28, 2019 JAK

We are very pleased to announce the Developer of Forecast 5, Geof Nightingale from Auckland New Zealand, will be discussing Forecast 5 and how it is used in “Budgeting in Times of Uncertainty” in Birmingham in September.

The Dates and Venues in Birmingham are

  • Monday 16/09  (Two sessions,10am and 2pm) – at the IHub, Colmore Gate, 
  • Tuesday 17/09  (Two sessions,10am and 2pm) – at the IHub, Colmore Gate
  • Wednesday 18/09 – Professional Accountancy Conference – at the NEC
  • Thursday  19/09 – Professional Accountancy Conference – at the NEC.

To reserve tickets for one of the four, free sessions at the Ihub, please go to Eventbrite, here. 

Geof will present an overview of the functionalities of Forecast 5 before describing how the scenario planning  “What if” tool can be used to plan for alternative expected economic situations; very relevant in the current Deal / No Deal Brexit rhetoric.

As a New Zealand Chartered Accountant who has spent roughly three decades involved with forecasting software; developing it, selling it, and most important of all, using it to model a wide variety of financial situations, it is no exaggeration to say Geof is hugely knowledgeable on his subject.

There will be plenty of time for questions in all the sessions, so if you are an existing Forecast 5 user and would like to quiz the Developer about some of the features, or new to our software and keen to learn how Forecast 5 could help improve your budgeting process, your time with Geof will certainly be well spent. 

At the Professional Accountancy Conference at the NEC, Geof will be presenting a KeyNote speech; “Budgeting in Times of Uncertainty”, at 11:45 to 12:30pm in the Business and Finance Theatre on 19 September. All will be welcome.