Forecast 5 provides Support at two levels

  • Local – UK and Europse
  • International – via Developers in New Zealand.

Local Support 

On an operational type – “how do I do” – enquiry, please address your query to In order to save time, please do consult our Online Training Course before making an operational enquiry, and if you haven’t already registered for the OLT course, please do go to this link and see whether your answer can be found there.

On the other hand, if your enquiry is a technical query about – for instance – Forecast 5’s configuration, its network or the setup of the underlying SQL database (where Forecast 5 stores its data) please contact

And if you are not sure, please simply email which comes to both Johnny & Jean.


International Support

In the event that the issue can’t be handled at the Local level, we will forward the enquiry to the Support Desk in New Zealand.

The turnaround from New Zealand is invariably rapid, most times with an answer overnight.

It does happen that sometimes the NZ Support desk has to escalate the issue to the Development Team for more detailed attention.

We will endeavour to keep you informed as to how your enquiry is proceeding.