• Winforecast
  • What happened to WinForecast?

    Sage WinForecast stopped development in 1998 despite it's popularity.

    Sage WinForecast was distributed until March 2013, where after no new licenses were sold.

    Support ceased in 2014.

    For a comparison of Sage WinForecast with Forecast 5, please visit this page.

  • What does Forecast 5 have that Sage WinForecast does not?
    • Forecast 5 is compatible with the latest Microsoft operating system and Microsoft Office products.
    • Forecast 5 includes its own integrated suite of reports; cashflow, profit & loss, balance sheet and funds flow statement. No more needing to export to Excel to print reports!
    • Introduces a new look.
    • Functionally we have added exchange rate and VAT/GST rates by month.
    • Employee groups and use of multiple bank accounts.
    • Better import of opening balances and actuals.
    • Added a general ledger code, project code and external reference code fields
    • Remedied some defects from Sage WinForecast caused by extending the forecast period
    • However, we suggest using the outstanding graphing properties of Excel.
  • Importing from, integrating with other systems?
  • How do I import from Excel

    To import from Excel, do the following:

    1. Create the forecast in Forecast 5.
    2. Export the forecast and paste it next to your Microsoft Excel budget.
    3. Move the budget records inside the sections of your forecast.
    4. Select and copy the spreadsheet.
    5. Return to Forecast 5 and click on Import Record List.
  • Can I integrate my financial software to Forecast 5?

    Forecast 5 currently has an auto-connect option with SAP-B1, and is undergoing continued development in order to increase its auto-connections with other mid-space ERP systems.

    For example, development for successful auto-connection with Sybiz and Sage300 is currently in progress.

  • How do I import my existing Sage WinForecast budgets?


    To import budgets from Sage WinForecast, do the following:

    1. Set up the correct parameters in the target forecast within Forecast 5.
    2. Create identical sections to your Sage WinForecast budgets.
    3. Within Sage WinForecast, right-click the mouse and export the record list to the clipboard.
    4. Change to Forecast 5 and click on the Import Record List button.
    5. Amend the records to be the right type and terms.For a demonstration on how to do this, a useful video is provided on forecast5.com under the FAQs subheading.
  • Foreign currencies
  • Can I budget in currencies?

    Budgeting in currencies is easy – set up the currency and rates you want in the currencies tabs, and then in the applicable records select the correct currency and enter your data.

  • Installation
  • Forecast 5 installation checklist
    1. Before beginning your install of Forecast 5, we recommend you run through this check list to ensure that you do not run into any issues.
      Login Installation should be run as the computer or domain Administrator
      Permissions Admin permissions on computer and SQL server
      Passwords Administrator password for installation, sa password for MS SQL Server
      Anti-virus Temporarily disabled
      Prerequisite Software .NET Framework 4.0 & SQL server 2008 and greater
      SQL Server: New or Existing MS SQL 2008 or higher. MS SQL Express is recommended if no MS SQL installation is installed.
      Operating System Windows 7 and higher
      Free hard drive space 1 GB or higher
      System memory 4 GB or higher; Processor (CPU): 1.6 Ghz Dual Core
      Installation Program Please ensure you have the current installation program – this is available from www.forecast5.com/release.


      Please note that Forecast 5 cannot connect to an existing database and will need to create its own (unless it is a Forecast 5 created database).

      To install Forecast 5 we recommend that you are logged in with the Administrator account and install for all users. If you require assistance installing or deploying Forecast 5 please contact us to arrange for one of our consultants to assist you – please note that installation assistance is charged at our standard rates for time taken and our consultants will require they are logged in as administrator to help you.

  • How many years can I budget?

    Forecast 5 allows up to 15 years of forecasted data in one forecast.

  • What is my initial username and password

    Username: admin

    Leave the password field blank, as there is no password

  • Licencing
  • What is the licensing policy?

    What are the terms around Forecast 5's annual license and what do I need to know?

    A renewal reminder will be sent to the person of contact 45 days prior to the renewal date.

    If we receive no communication of cancellation, we will send an invoice to person of contact 30 days prior to the renewal date.

    Payment must be made before the license will be renewed. The product is unusable without a current license.

    If the customer wishes to cancel, we require confirmation of cancellation. There is no cancellation fee.

    If the license has lapsed and the customer requires the product within 30 days of lapse, the customer will be required to pay the annual license fee + 10% (of the annual license fee).

    If it has been more than one month since the license has been lapsed, the customer will be required to repurchase the product at full price.

  • Bank Accounts
  • How many bank accounts can I have?

    Add a new bank account in the bank area and enter the currency it is in.
    Use a Separately Invoiced Sales record to specify into which bank account the funds are received.
    There is no limit to the number of bank accounts or the currencies they can be in.

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