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Integrated cashflow, profit and loss,
balance sheet and funds flow statements!

Integrated cashflow, profit and loss, balance sheet and funds flow statements!


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Integrations with Xero, Sage50

Forecast 5 can bring actuals in
automatically from Xero or Sage50, with

Guides available for Xero and for Sage50

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    Financial Forecasting Software

    Our forecasting techniques are focused on providing world-class forecasting, budgeting and reporting tools for business. We achieve this with our advanced functionality and variety of professional features. Our forecasting software will keep you accurately informed with customisable report data.Our forecasting software offers you full access to cash flow, budgeting solutions and financial planning. It is easily understood. Within just 30 minutes you can complete your first forecast and instantly view a variety of business reports.

    Our software also gives you complete confidence in the accuracy of your forecasts by using double-entry control in it's calculations. With our powerful budgeting tool at your fingertips, you will be able to see your company's growth in advance. Our forecasting software is quick and easy to use; the likelihood with rolling forecasts is that you'll be using it for budgeting and financial planning all year long. With the ability to extend forecasts for up to 15 years you'll never have to take a blind leap with your businesses' profits.

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    World-class forecasting software and budgeting solutions.


    Designed by accountants for accountants, Forecast 5 has all the features you need for customising your forecasts and the reports they produce. Detailed, comprehensive and fast, with this business planning software you can produce forecasts for profits and losses, funds flow, and cash flow, and most importantly, your forecast balance sheet 10 times faster than with a spreadsheet. Once you’ve run your reports, you can export them to Excel for graphing.

    Our international forecasting software can be customised for your country including currencies and taxation rates. You can maintain foreign currency rates by month and foreign currency bank accounts. And for a group situation, you can consolidate multiple forecasts, with multiple currencies if needed.You don't have to be a forecast pro to use our software, if you run anything from a small business enterprise to a large multinational chain you will find Forecast 5 to be the best budget software on the market packed with features to provide the cash flow forecasting that your business deserves.