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Coming to a town near you?

As you pack your briefcase for Accountex 2017, how safe do you feel? Not very, according to Boris Johnson who warned last Thursday (April 27) that North Korea could pose a nuclear threat to Western Europe – but insisted in the Daily Mail that military strikes against the regime are not the answer.


I can’t tell you how war with North Korea will affect your business—but you can. Download our 21 free trial of Forecast5 here – or better still, come and chat to Geof and me at Stand 180 about the program and how it can help you go about your business better.


Following the Senate meeting at the White House yesterday, Bloomberg reported that North Korea is high on the Trump administration’s agenda this week and has been a key topic of discussion between the president and Chinese leader Xi Jinping this month… President Donald Trump stopped by a White House briefing to which the entire Senate was invited. While Trump has urged China to help rein in the North Korean regime, he’s vowed that the U.S. would stop the country’s weapons program.


The most alarming thing, for me, in the Bloomberg report is that Trump found the time to “stop by” at a meeting in his house of his government, who were being briefed on an issue that is “high on the Trump… agenda.” Financial fellow travellers, do you think you are safe?


Which is why my colleague Geof Nightingale developed Forecast5. It allows you to trial as many “What if…?” scenarios as you wish. You can import your Excel spreadsheets and the program will calculate what you expect the results of nuclear fallout on Birmingham will have on your business. Depending on the direction of the wind, radiation may blow out into the North Sea, upsetting you neighbour’s fishing quota, or sit right over your factory, making it impossible for your people to come to work. Putting aside the humanitarian issues for a moment, what will that do to production?


Designed by accountants for accountants, Forecast 5 has all the features you need for customising your forecasts and the reports they produce. Detailed, comprehensive and fast, with this business planning software you can produce forecasts for profits and losses, funds flow, and cash flow, and most importantly, your forecast balance sheet 10 times faster than with a spreadsheet. Once you’ve run your reports, you can export them to Excel for graphing.


Built as a replacement for Winforecast, Forecast5 now integrates with Sage50, Sage300, Xero and with PowerBI under development as a front-end reporting module, Forecast5 has made it a market leader far beyond New Zealand where it was originally developed.



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