Forecast 5 Training

September 1, 2018 JAK

Forecast 5 is a complex, ever-developing forecasting software package that can simplify your budgeting process

With the proper training and education, you will have the ability to confidently design a customised budget for your business or each of your clients.

Attend one of our expert-driven training courses to improve your skills!

We run four different training schemes

  • Free Introductory Webinars
  • Essentials Training Course – Online, six hours
  • Advanced Training Course – Online. six hours
  • Core Training – On site, eight hours
Achieve with Forecast 5 Training

Essentials Training

Understand how you can use Forecast 5 to suit your business and how to use this powerful tool better. Your confidence in using Forecast 5 will skyrocket after our essentials training course!

Next Essential Training Dates
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Tuesday 6 November, 2018.

Price: £300 plus VAT

Course Highlights
– Creating a forecast
– Record Types
– Data Entry

– Opening Balances 
– Multiple Bank Accounts
–  Entering Actuals
– What If Analysis

Advanced Training

Become an expert at Forecast 5 after attending the advanced course. Gain an in depth understanding of the stock and Stock on Hand components plus using consolidation functions.
Plus detailed knowledge on using One Touch Reporting

Next Advanced Training Dates
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Thursday 8 November, 2018

Price: £300 plus VAT

Course Highlights:
– Departments
– Consolidations
– Memo Records

– Factoring Debtors & Stock
– Stock Records
– Multi-Currencies
– One Touch Reporting

Forecast 5 Tips and Tricks

Deferring your VAT bill

Forecast 5 is so feature-rich that its difficult to get to know all the functions and benefits. One that might be of interest to those who have big VAT bills is how  in your forecast to put as much time between your VAT liability and when you have to to pay HMRC.

Forecast 5 helps you to get this right!

If you are a monthly VAT payer and pay by cheque, HMRC requires you to settle by 20th of the following month. And if you pay by Chaps, Giro, Bacs, Online Debit or telephone, you are allowed to pay by the 5th or 7th day of the month after the month end, in otherwords, this deferral could be up to 38 days after the the end of the VAT period.

But if you pay by Debit Order, you get an extra 5 days credit from the Revenue with payment only expected 12 days after the end of the month after the period end.

Forecast 5 helps you to budget for this situation as shown in the attached downloadable Powerpoint presentation.

Introducing our IT expert

IT expert; he could be working on Forecast 5, top UK forecasting software

Thats not actually our man – (but thanks to Bruce Mars from Pexels for the picture, nevertheless)

Jean le Merle

I’ve been in IT for the better part of 18 years.

From a young age I was always interested in the full spectrum of IT, from programming through to the hardware side of things. Over the years, working with multiple companies I became the ‘go to’ family member who was good with computers (a situation every IT person will recognise!)

I trained with a wide range of servers, services and software focusing eventually on Networking, predominantly with Cisco Systems.

I am originally from South Africa but now live in Finland – my wife’s homeland – and have been here for the past 5 years. Although the country’s main language is Finnish the universal language of IT is English which has enabled me to keep doing what I love as well as meeting new and interesting people in many counties.

Accounting Live 2018 Glasgow
21 & 22 November

Banner advertising Accounting Live in Glasgow in November 2018 where Forecast 5, top UK forecasting software will be exhibited.

Geof Nightingale, Developer of Forecast 5 will be joining us in Glasgow when we exhibit Forecast 5 at Accounting Live at the SEC on 21 and 22 November.

Please come and see us there and if you need tickets, please let us know.

Please come and see us there and if you need tickets, please let us know.

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