Migration to Forecast 5 from Sage’s Winforecast

Our developers at Forecast 5 could not get into the back end of Sage Winforecast, making it impossible for them to create an easy “one click” migration for your data.

However, if you follow the steps below you are able to bring your data across:

    1. Open a new Forecast 5 forecast.
    2. Set parameters to correct defaults and set up details as required

3.    Create the exact same section names as you have in Winforecast into Forecast 5

Remember this step is case sensitive!
Check the section type is correct e.g. sales or costs etc.

4.   Click Save in Forecast 5

5.   Go to Winforecast

6.   Right click and export record list into Excel. Save the Excel file.

7.   Check carefully through the Section and Record names and remove any apostrophe commas. eg., Directors’ Loans should be amended to read Directors Loans.

8.   Go to Forecast 5 and select “Import Record List” on the Utilities tab.

9.   Then check each section is the correct type e.g. sales or costs, currency etc.

10.   Now edit each record to the correct record style cash flow etc.

11.   Then run P&L and Balance Sheet reports to see figures balance and match the Winforecast5 values.

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