Competitive Situation in the Forecasting Market

June 4, 2020 JAK

In today’s market, not unsurprisingly, there is a big demand for robust forecasting software.

Organisations want to know that they have the best tools available to quickly prepare and refine budgets to support their banking applications, their discussions with investors and their corporate plans.

In a competitive situation a few days ago, Forecast 5 was challenged on whether our software could provide certain functionality. I’m happy to report YES WE CAN to the following:

Salaries and Wages:

Model by individual staff member or groups of members – in fact, by individual for the entire payroll – with the software calculating NI, PAYE, Pensions, Commissions & Bonuses.

And, if required, import the whole detailed payroll into the forecast in one action!

Salary Multiplier:

Perform an across the board Multiplier (or, sadly, in the current crisis, Deflator) of all modelled Staff costs, at one go. Deflate by 75% – one switch. Reflate, one switch.

Scenario Planning:

Do “What if” scenario planning on a global, intermediate or down to a product line level, with each successive change compounded, then save your chosen scenario into the current budget, save as a new forecast – or reset to the status quo ante.

Report Generation and Printing:

With Forecast 5’s One Touch Reporting, run off an entire suite of your reports, Cashflow, P&L, Balance Sheet and FundsFlow statements, all perfectly formatted – and for the number of years of your forecast. Plus, include a Schedule of Assumptions, Fixed Asset Schedule, Vat Schedule, Loans Received and Loans Made Schedules and a load of other reports such as Variance Analyses and Rolling Forecasts in the same One Touch Report.

Stock and WIP:

Build up your stock records, adding components to progressively increase your stock values and then sell from the resulting Stock on Hand, correctly valuing the buildup of WIP records, the cost of goods sold and resulting balance sheet stock – all from the interplay of the Stock and the Sales records.

This is a very powerful feature which introduces extensive stock modelling into the budgeting process.

Coming Soon - Daily Cashflow Forecasting

Forecast 5 will shortly be adding a Daily Cashflow module to its forecasting software, allowing Users to fine tune receipts and payments on a rolling 90 day basis.


Forecast 5 has been developed by New Zealand Chartered Accountant, Geof Nightingale, building on his experience of nearly two decades as the national distributor of the erstwhile well-loved budgeting programme, Winforecast.

Forecast 5 allows the user to quickly build a forecast and produces a comprehensive, integrated and balanced suite of four key reports; Cashflow, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Funds Flow statements which, with its One Touch Reporting tool, can all be outputted fast in well formatted, C-Suite quality reports.

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Photo by Dimon Blr on Unsplash