Accounting Live, Glasgow and a SPECIAL!

October 1, 2018 JAK

On Wednesday and Thursday, 21 & 22 November, the Developer of Forecast 5, Geof Nightingale, Juliet and I will be at the SEC in Glasgow demonstrating the wide ranging functionality of Forecast 5 at “Accounting Live, 2018”. 

If you are in and around Glasgow, please do drop in and say hello and allow us a chance to show off how Forecast 5 can help to save money for you and your business. It could change your life!

We haven’t been to the SEC before, and are very excited. And if you haven’t either, do enjoy this clip.  I’m sure you, too, will be amazed! 

Special Pricing for Accounting Live

To celebrate our visit to Glasgow and Accounting Live, 2018, we are running a SPECIAL with a 20% reduction off the Product Purchase Price or if you opt for the Rental Structure, off the first year Rental.

But there is a caveat: Orders must be in, invoiced and fully paid by the stroke of midnight, 30 November, 2018.

Time is of the Essence.

Please do download a free 21 day trial here to evaluate Forecast 5 or download our Pricing and Ordering form here and email it to us to ensure it is in and settled by the bewitching hour!

Introductory Webinars

We run frequent Introductory Webinars to help newcomers to Forecast 5 familiarise themselves with the software. To assist those who need last minute help in assessing Forecast 5 before ordering, the next Introductory Webinars, both commencing at 10am, will be

  • Monday 26 November, and
  • Wednesday 28 November.
  • Please let us know on if you would like to join one of these webinars.

Training Courses

The next training Courses will be 

Essentials Training Course5 December 2018Contents and
Application form
Advanced Training Course6 December 2018Contents and
Application form

Forecast 5 Fact Sheet and Product Comparisons

  • If you are looking for a fact sheet outlining the features and functions of Forecast 5, here it is.
  • And if you are a frustrated Winforecast user having to replace this previously loved, now expired software and wondered how Forecast 5 compares, here is the comparison.
  • Or if you need to compare Forecast 5 to some of the other programs you thought might be in the same league, please check this out.