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What effect will Brexit have on your bottom line? How will a devaluing pound improve your exports? These and a thousand questions like them are asked of accountants every day.


Now there is a forecasting package available in the UK designed to evaluate these problems. Download Forecast 5 now for a 21-day free trial. Forecast 5 includes the ability to produce consolidated forecasts, network installations and rolling forecasts in different currencies. Forecast 5 generates cashflows and funds’ flow statements, profit and loss, departmental profit and loss and balance sheet reports. Forecast 5 also includes employers and employees National Insurance, employee’s Paye and is coded for UK VAT.


Kipps Business Reporting, is the UK distributor. Forecast 5 was developed by Geof Nightingale of Navigator Software in New Zealand and the freshly launched Version 3 has been extensively tested to meet the needs of UK accounting professionals.


Navigator Software originally built Forecast 5 to replace Sage’s once popular WinForecast, discontinued in December 2013. Forecast 5’s capabilities exceed this early forecasting software that was the industry standard of its time. The original versions of Forecast 5 won friends for its ease of use, ability to contrast and compare data in its rolling forecasts — plus offering a 15-year forecasting horizon.


Looking into the future, we are planning a full upgrade for Forecast 5 that will include integrating with Xero, various Sage products (it currently integrates with SAP B1) and then we will move it into the Cloud, anticipated by the third quarter, 2016.


The recently released V3 has been totally rewritten to improve speed and responsiveness. Not just updated: entirely redesigned. So if you are one of the people who trialled the earlier version, you are welcome to try out this new, improved model. Simply click one of the links – above or below.


Do download a fully featured version of Forecast 5 and take it for a 21-day test drive. And start enjoying your forecasting. If you have any questions about the product, please contact me on any of the addresses below.


Jonathan Kipps                                                                                                         21 March 2016
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